Writing Samples – Bubble Max

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Bubble Max Smartphone

$1999999.99 & FREE Shipping

      • 6.3″ HD screen
      • 5.9 GHz OctoQuad-core processor
      • Bubble OS v82.5 Under The Sea
      • 65G LTE; Wi-Fizle capable
      • Bluesharktooth 98.1 wireless waterstream technology
      • 800 MP Camera / 12 MP front facing Camera
      • 23 TB internal memory
      • Max Micro SD memory card up to 5 TB (not included)
      • Plans sold separately

Bubble Max Smartphone in default Oceanic Blue with smart water technology. Newest design sets you free from needing to recharge while in water. Sporting the celebrated release of the OctoQuad-core processor, the Bubble Max will have you sailing through your digital connections. Comes in Oceanic Blue, Salmon Pink, and EELectric Green.

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