What to Do About Wrinkles?! Read on!

Lines, lines, lines.  We all have them.  If not now, later.  And then some!  Though we may not like their appearance, there are expert ways of fighting against the tide.  Your absolute best course of action is to hydrate and moisturize, and not just your face alone!

Hydration is the Key!

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.  Hydrate your whole body from the inside out.  Not only will it rejuvenate your skin, but your whole appearance.  And your body will thank you for it, too.  We lose a significant amount of water in our bodies via our skin every day through a scientific process documented by Golara Honari and Howard Maibach called transepidermal water loss (TEWL for short), that causes us to lose elasticity and plumpness.  Nope, not the bad kind of plump, the good kind that makes you look healthy and glowing.  Making sure to re-hydrate with water is the number one defense against weathered and sagging skin.

Moisturize… and Moisturize

Be sure to be rigorous in your face moisturizing routine.  In the morning, after showers, and in the evenings before bed.  Moisturize your face before your make up routine, especially those lips.  Matte lipsticks are notorious for drying those pretty puckers out, so be sure to use a lip moisturizer as well.  The older you are, the more wisdom you have, and more wrinkles!  No need to feel down about it, though.  Own it as a badge of honor and show them who’s boss – bust those wrinkles down to size by applying a serum before you moisturize.

Hydrate and moisturize and you’ll be taking lines, and years, off your face in no time!

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