Wh00t! New Arts to POST to Yous!

Okay, quick post to show off the stuff I’ve been working on but haven’t uploaded to DA yet. Have a few more, then gonna spam DA with updates. Anyway, here we go! Oh… and I have tons of Ends of Fate profile pictures I sketched, but wanna quick color before I show them off. Those’ll come later! Now for the arts!

Time for an image cut! Enjoy!

Commission for someone on Gaia

After I sent the image to the commissioner, he asked if he could change the hair color to blonde… so I did it for him. ^_^

This is a loooooong time in coming, but it’s finally finished! THIS is such a relief for me, I’m so happy!

And this… I find this one to be GORGEOUS! *_*

And finally, I added the halo and changed the eye color for my bro! ^_^

5 Replies to “Wh00t! New Arts to POST to Yous!”

  1. Good grief. I knew there was a reason we weren’t hearing from you. Didn’t know you still did Gaia. I have two new accounts. Let me know if you want me to hunt you down friend you.

  2. You have no idea. I have this list I’m systematically going down and checking things off. Yours are on there, believe me. But I legitimately have attempted to art for you on multiple occasions, they’ve just been uncooperative (like the pic above with three people in it…). I’d been trying to wait until I could get one I liked finished, then send ALL of them to you, but like those above, I can’t take them sitting on the comp any longer with no one to look at them….. T___T Gimme a bit and I’ll make a post with them to show off , RAWR! I meant to post in this post that I’d been away, but was rushing to get it posted and didn’t think about it. XD
    =shakes head= It is said, really sad… bah >_< I had the WORST art block for longer than I truly care to admit. It broke for two months back in the summer and I tried HARD to get arts done, and then MASSIVE CHAOS ensued for several months…. @_@ Among wich was also the comp going down and me being away from the internet for at least 5 months! I've only recently been back.
    Anyway, Haru apparently hates me. I’ve tried drawing him, but he never comes out like I want. I have at least 3 sketches on the computer that were attempts, but I hated them. >__>
    I haven’t sewed in forever it seems. Trying desperately to get caught up on arts, then tackling that beast! ^_____^
    Annnnndddd…. uh…. SUDDEN STORM O_O Rain, thunder, and lightening, oh my!!!
    Hope you’ve been doing well! =hugs=

  3. Yeah, looooooong story. T___T It’s been crazy around here. Last bit was comp going down for MONTHS! Not fun… All of these above arts were finished in the last two weeks, but had been in varying states before that for… =coughcough= I shan’t say how long…. @_@ But my art to-do list is FINALLY getting smaller! It’s such a relief, I don’t think I could begin to express just how much! *___*
    I always randomly log into Gaia whenever, lol! And of course you are always welcome to hunt/stalk meh luvveh! Nick’s still the same, though I do have my legion of alts.
    Is your physical address still the same? I need to mail you something, rawr!

  4. Could also someday email me 😉
    I’m so sorry he’s giving you trouble! XDD It amuses me though, as he’s freaking hard to draw and I totally agree with that. If you’d like I COULD change the request to someone else… but I’m very amused at your latest attempt.
    You have a lot of troubles keeping you from the net. If it’s not one thing it’s another. Chaotic life I say…
    On a positive note, you’re really getting better compared to your older stuff 🙂
    Impressive! I wish I could draw on the computer and with pencil nearly as good as eachother… I can do decently with a tablet computer though…I tried while visiting TN earlier.
    Last time we chatted you mentioned you had a few things sewn~ I have an EID guy now, finding pants that fit him is impossible. I think i need to get sewing again soon to make him have… decency.
    Thanks for replying, so lengthy! 🙂

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