For the love of a variable!

With the wealth of “Scientific” shows out there that seek to discover answers to one question of another… is there anyone else besides me that sees the blatant flaws in their “scientific experiments”?  (I’m sure I can’t be the only one!)  I dunno, just takes the fun outta watching something when you know they’ve left this huge, gaping variable outta the equation and then claim they have “proof.” 

Away at ACEN


So yep, gone to another con. On my way to Chicago, I ish!!! ^_^ Meeting up with Trin and Wikki. ^_^ I’m terribly excited and having making preparations all week…

Which has lead me to my current predicament… T_T I totally did not wish two special people happy birthdays! (I know, I’m horrible.)

Happy b-days go out to Trin and Bel. =huggles them= LOVE YOU BOTH! Must make belated b-day gifts… (You’ll probably get your’s at the con. ^_~)

Well, that’s it for now. Musts finish getting ready to leave in and 2 1/2 hours…. Tried to only take 2 bags total, one for clothes, one for art supplies and pics…. nope, still gotta have room for food and the magazines…. and manga and artbooks… good god…. ^_^;;;;

=wavies= BAIDER BAIS! SEE YOU ALL WHEN I GET BACK ON MONDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~mwarghies out ^_~

Reading Huntington

Whelpers, dun know why, but I’m posting…

Gone to read Samuel Huntington’s The Clash of Civilizations and The Remaking of World Order. Borrowed it from my advisor when I realized he’d had it. Will start reading it a.s.a.p., WH00T! I’m actually excited about reading it. It’s controversial, but it’s the inspiration I need, whoo hoo! I think my advisor was a little taken aback by my request, however. He asked me if I didn’t have anything else to do for my other classes… -_-

And Xandra, you’re killing me! Slowly, yes, but KILLING me! MUWAHHAHA!

Ponderings & World News

Truly, amazing how things can affect you, how one’s person’s insight or perception can give new meanings. How your heart beats with the intensity of pure and utter passion, joy, delight. Of pure and utter emotion, capturing all in one all-encompassing moment. Pleasure and pain becoming one and an existence created upon existence.

Perhaps, sounds so sweet, so full, eliciting the state of all-emotion. Perhaps written, read, with capitivating insight. But all with the same; it exists. That all-emotion. It exists. And so do you. In those beautiful moments of all-emotion.

And, on a completely different and unrelated side-note: The U.S. is officially at war with Iraq. Now I’m off to find shelter within the wings of sleep and to enjoy this time of all-emotion as much as I can.

And there are many times in which one cannot find words to express something of existence because there are no words. And why? Why are there no true words to express the importance of these states?

But in them, we find freedom and peace.

Oh, My Pretty Pretties!

Okies, so I’ve decided to post my two of my arts. One I just scanned in yesterday that I did over Spring Break, and the other is one I did back when, but had to rescan it and only got around to doing so tonight. Okies, that outta the way, I have a few things to say about both. ^_^

I did this one over the summer. It has slight, styalistic nudity. Basically, she is my sailormoon otaku character, Sailor Terra. Obviously that’s why there’s a big earth planet symbol behind her head, lol! I stylized the symbol. The whole thing was done in sharpie and crayola markers…. I’m too poor to afford anything better T_T

This one is my newest one. It features Sakurazukamori Subaru with dual colored eyes and the sakura robe. This was a commission for Xandra and was done over Spring Break. I love this pic. It’s comprised of sharpie, crayola markers, a prisma color marker for the skin tone, and colored pencil for the robe pattern. I personally feel he looks a bit too young in this pic, but I still love it nonetheless. ^_^

I will scan in my Alucard sketch sooner or later (probably tomorrow, heh) and I will hope to have all these up on Bits & Pieces soon.

Let me know what you think of the two pics! ^_^ hehe Er, um… I’m tired now… and I still have my project to finish. =sigh= The life of a college student…

And I really need to find better markers for fleshtones… I can’t stand them constantly coming out pink! T_T

Random Boy Sketchings

Well, lookie here! One of the first real sketches I’ve been able to do in awhile. And guess what? It’s a male! WH00T! ^_^;; He’s just a tad lop-sided… but then, I just sketched him really fast, and before I could screw with it, I scaned it in and uploaded it. What do you all think? He’s slightly cute, ne? Not sure, but I may make him Sai. He’s definitely not Jorath. Although, Sai’s hair isn’t so rounded. Dunno quite yet. OU! Or he could be Tayin! He’d make a WICKED Tayin! Unless I want his hair really short or really long. OI! Decisions decisions… ^^;;

Sigh. With this done, maybe I’ve gotten over my block, ne? I had to force myself to draw Kakou. This guy… well.. slipped out! ^_^ I’m so very happy.

Now, I’d best boogy out of here and on to bed. ^_^ I hope we don’t have school tomorrow, I haven’t felt well today. Off to home, and oggling these gorgeous Japanese fanarts I printed out in color today! ^_^ Yummy YamiMatsu fanart… *_*

Ou, updated cliques and blog links. Boy, I’ve been busy, ne? oh! And I’ve a new member for IR Blogs, WHOOT!