YEEE HAW!!!! And we have MOAR ARTS!

So, I decided to participate in an event on Menewsha.  I offered freebies and ended up doing a total of about four of them.  They were supposed to be just sketches, I swear!  I don’t know how this happened… geez, but I ended up with fully inked pieces.  >_<  Oh well, so my idea to “do sketches as quickly as possible” backfired on me.  However, I DID end up with four very lovely portraits!  There are some anatomical issues with them, I know, but I kept telling myself that I wasn’t suppose to worry too much over them, just get them DONE!  Ah well….

Anyway… in order of first to last, here they are! (These are the smaller, sig sized ones I made available.)  Enjoy!

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