A great loss, but a great and lasting gift.

With all the hullabaloo surrounding the outcome of the presidential election, with all the turmoil surrounding the passing of Proposition 8 in California, and with the general going-on surrounding such a historical moment in American history… I only became aware today that a brilliant man who I have always greatly and very deeply admired passed away on November 4th, 2008, Election Day.

Michael Crichton has always been a favorite author of mine, inspiring me as early as age 12, and continuing to remain so to me all these years later. Yes, I did indeed begin to read his novels when I was 12, and I redily devoured them as I got my hands on them! I always loved the ingenuity of his writings and how, though he was not a scientist per se, he was a lasting reminder of how true science fiction should be handled and written. Although his SF works were certainly fiction for the most part, they always carried those elements of possible or certain truth based solidly on the extensive amounts of research he conducted to place his novel within that modicum of reality.

His writings encouraged us to question, to seek answers, and to believe that the unbelievable could always be possible… within reason of course, and went the extra mile himself to prove to us how that might be. He gave us drama and heart, he challenged us to seek knowledge and understanding of our world and the things in it, and he reminded us of our flaws and of our very human qualities.

And most of all, he wanted us to do good by our world and our society as a whole, as evidence by the messages in his many works. I am grieved by his loss, but I know his spirit will continue to thrive within the many pages of his gifts to humanity.

Thank you, Mr. Chricton for all that you have done for us. Peace be with your family and friends who will miss you most of all.