Snape Bookmarks For Sale!

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So, I may not have gotten any new or old arts uploaded yet, but they are definitely on their way. It seems my artblock has finally lifted! Par-TAY peoplez, wh00t! But I’m taking it slow and not rushing it, rather than forcing it and it seems to be working out for the best. Before I start to upload those other arts, I want to first upload some bookmarks I’m offering for sale.

Snape fans flock around! Bookmarks for sale! These are individually inked and colored (no computer printings at all) and are 2.1 in x 6 in. They all have their own individual look, so you can be sure that no other will have one exactly like your’s! They will also be numbered individually. There are only 9 of them, so get them while they’re hot. They are $15 a piece, however, the first two people to purchase one will get their’s at $10. This will also be cross-posted at my DeviantArt Journal.  

Bookmark’s will be shipped within a day or two after I have received payment. (Most likely it will just be the day after, UNLESS it’s the weekend.) I take paypal and will consider check/money order if absolutely necessary.

Shipping will be $1 for First Class within the U.S.  Shipping outside the U.S. will depend on the country of destination.  (Shouldn’t be much more than $1 for most, though, and some will be no different.)  If you require a different shipping, let me know and I will quote you a price.

SOLD: 3 // Remaining: 6

Preview Images – (The photo snap shot has sepia over-tones. The second image shows the true color.):

MD Ryu Face-Up: DONE

Okay, finally got around to uploading those images. Go here if you’d like to see an awesome face-up, RAWR!


Beautiful BL Art Link

Yay for more links! whooo….. =kerthunks=

BEAUTIFUL art here, BL, just so you know ^_~  BEEAAAUUTIFUL!

I want…

This is SO friggin’ COOL!

Riddle Master of Hed

I finished my book last night. And then I cried. And I tell you, for a book to exercise that much emotion from me… it was good.

For those who need a good read, read Patricia A. McKillip’s Riddle-Master Trilogy. It’s a fast read, well-written, and very powerful. Of course, there’s me promoting any of the excellent elder Fantasy and Sci-Fi writers. But no doubt, McKillip’s good, just like Ursula K. LeGuin.

=heart heart=

And finally, a beautiful, wonderful ending to the trilogy I’ve been trying to finish for a good 10 years. I could never find the third book, hence, I could never finish it. Well, I own it now, and happy happy is me!

On to reading Tad Williams’ War of the Flowers and Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Avatar. Talk about being busy while having nothing to do. T_T And the worse? I can finally get on my computer to do things, and I have absolutely and utterly NO motivation. =cries= Ah well, we’ll see when it finally hits, no?

And I love my PS2!!!!! *__________* My new assignment is to buy a DDR game, WH00T!

And I tried to draw, I really did. =sob= Why does nothing want to come out of my brain! =cries= AHGH! But maybe Nezu-chan’s Deth and Morgan picture will come out right… I can see it in my head, now if only I could draw it… T_T

=huggles Morgan and Deth= such lovely caras, really!

=wavies= BAI BAI ALL!

Neglecting LJ

Systematic Shut-down

…I’ve been neglecting my journal for my livejournal… ^^;;; Anyway, a cause I’ma too lazy to copy and paste the post at livejournal, click on the link to see my newest arts! WAI! ^^

~mwarghies-out ^_~

Poem: Beautiful Dapples

Beautiful dapples of brightly painted shades of light

Drifting down across the heavens to my lap

To spread it’s joy of brightness to the ever reaches of life

I breath, I am the happiness therein