The Girl … the girl in all her glory

Sooo…..who exactly is this crazy nut? And exactly what is she? Ohh….I tend to think of myself as an almond. ^^ I like almonds, heh. I’m a nonsensical graphics-making fan. I am ambitious in a quiet sense, but watch out because that changes on whim. I’m a gentle soul, don’t tend to get angry, and continuously help others out. I love doing that and it gives me a satisfaction when I know that others are truly grateful.

I love reading, researching, creating graphics and webpages. I enjoy life and enjoy living. I love to stand outside and just breathe in life. Beauty surrounds me everyday and I always try to absorb it. Life is wonderful. ^_^

I also love artists and fiction writers and can’t help but do the same.  I love to gift people when I can! *_* I enjoy sharing art and am addicted to many forms of art.

Elf Wood

The Layout … all you wanted to know + Credits

The site is currently in flux with the layout. I’m working on some new things, but for now, enjoy a gorgeous photograph of tiny, tiny origami! Image is photographed by myself.

And last, but not least, the permanent link to the site’s name-sake poem:
Dreaming in Shades

Electrically Charged: WordPress

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