The Girl … the girl in all her glory

Sooo…..who exactly is this crazy nut? And exactly what is she? Ohh….I tend to think of myself as an almond. ^^ I like almonds, heh. I’m a nonsensical graphics otaku who utilizes anime and more correctly, manga images in almost everything she does, if not everything. I am ambitious in a quiet sense, but watch out because that changes on whim. Without sounding egotistical and full of myself, I am a very nice person. I don’t tend to get angry and continuously help others out. I love doing that and it gives me a satisfaction when I know that others are truly grateful. I love reading, researching, creating graphics and webpages. I enjoy life and enjoy living. I love to stand outside and just breathe in life. Beauty surrounds me everyday and I always try to absorb it. Life is wonderful. ^_^

My name is Tasia Chiba.  I love artists and fiction writers and can’t help but do the same.  I’m a very amenable person, dun bite, and love to gift people when I can! *_* I enjoy sharing art and am addicted to many forms of art.

Elf Wood

The Layout … all you wanted to know + credits

For the first time, a non-anime/manga journal layout! I absolutely love it! I wanted to stay far away from a pink layout… but it seems my curse, lol! At least this is more an “Antique Rose” color than pink.  I used two stock images from sxc.hu. Wonderful place for royalty-free stock photos!  Using PhotoShop CS 2.

I’m keeping the link up to the poem of the journal’s namesake… it should always be accessible, ne?
Dreaming in Shades

Stock images are copyright creators and publishers.  Layout and ideas… ME OF COURSE! ^_~

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