NO oil for the 1st time in 3 mo.! Tent. good news!

It’s about friggin’ time, is all I can say.  Even though I continue to sit on pins and needles as I await the end of the testing phase, for the first time in three months I had something to be hopeful towards in regards to the Gulf oil spill.  In viewing an article earlier today about the Indian Rupee finally getting it’s own monetary symbol, I clicked to go to the home page and saw their newest article, updated a scant 11 minutes before I’d seen it.

I quickly began searching other news articles and turned on CNN to see, with my own eyes, that the camera trained on the oil spill was, for the first time, void of oil spewing forth.

I almost couldn’t believe it, and of course, sobered as I heard it could be a temporary situation as pressurization tests are underway.  Ah, but that’s alright.  I don’t think anyone expected such immediately positive results so quickly, especially since it’s an integrity test.  What’s important right now is that true, positive progress has been made in containing the situation.  I know my nerves will be on end over the next few days as I await the final results of the testing and capping of the spill and I can only hope that it remains continually positive.

Because, quite frankly, we need to be over the containment process and move on to the pressing need to turn more attention to the massive clean up and, eventually, helping more people be able to go back to work.

I know I haven’t written any journals on the issue before today, so it may seem strange with this article coming out of the blue, but just chalk it up to the fact that I suck at writing journals consistently, lol.  I and my family have been very affected by the oil spill and I feel no shame in admitting that I cried today just at the thought that the spill had, for the time being at least, stopped.

They said it couldn’t be done…

For decades they’ve been telling us it wasn’t possible.  Those who believed it were called quacks. Even the representative from NeuroSky states this is first level telepathy.  Hey, it’s all going to be a bit more believable in the near future, folks! ^_~  For now, I’ll settle with the truth that our brain waves can create enough of a signal to manipulate objects.  Rock on!

And I desperately want that Star Wars toy! *__*

Psycho jargon aside, this has great potentials.  Does series/movies such as Angelic Layer, The Matrix, and of course, Johnny Mnemonic come to mind?  Imagine the possibilities both good and bad.  I do, indeed see a revolution in the gaming industry shortly.  But, as hinted in CNN’s interview with NeuroSky and others, the potential for other uses could be fathomless.  Suddenly, I feel like all the long thought impossible theories of so many SF novels and movies seem far to plausible.  While I have always been one with an open mind, even I can’t think of all the possibilities to come.  For now, I’m excited with the developments currently taking place.

It’s certainly good advice for our National Security department to grow wise to the true possible utilization of this tool in ways they’ve yet to perceive.  Always be ready for anything, should be their motto.  But truthfully?  I say they’ve already developed this technology some time ago, though really, I still say the government needs more creative minds working for it.  (Stop getting rid of/not supporting the arts programs, you dolts!)  Though, I don’t believe we should use this technology for war.  We should be prepared for outside usage, however.  It could be a decade from now before it’s implementation becomes anything to be concerned about, but one shouldn’t wait for the inevitable.

In the end, the advancement of technology continues to show us both the pros and cons of its growth.  With an influx of great concepts comes the unforeseen negatives that we cannot simply ignore.  Such as, who would have thought that texting would lead to a medical condition we now call “Blackberry Thumb“?  Progress comes at great risks and we must keep pushing forward, but with a cautious air stepping out into that great unknown. 

And with regards to the great SF writers of old, even we can’t always imagine the turns our futures will take.  They told us ships that moved deep under the sea were impossible.  Ships that flew beyond the earth’s rims in the depths of the sky were improbable.  And A.I.?  Never in the realm of reality!  And yet, we have come closer to than ever to achieving just that, along with continuing the same philosophical and moral debates inherent in the concept.

In the end, we should remember that anything can be possible, open our minds to our rapidly changing world, and look forward to all the future may hold in store for us.