Spring Cleaning on DiS!

Recently, I decided to do some spring cleaning with my blog.  I wanted to bring it more in line with a professional feel, and removing much of my older posts has brought it closer to the feel I want for it.  For my own sake, my old posts have been backed up and archived, but they are no longer part of the overall blog.  It’s fine; a little cleaning now and then never hurt anyone!

Once upon a time, at the early years of social blogging and before modern social network sites, I utilized this blog as much to keep in touch with family, friends, and classmates as it was a creative outlet for writing, art, and articles.  Those random posts made the site feel cluttered and no longer served a purpose, so out they went.

I feel the blog will be much better for my decision.  I’m much happier with it on the whole.

Thanks to all who’ve stuck by me through the years.  Here’s to many, many more posts and updates, sharing and caring, and love all around!

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