A Link in the Long Line of the Terrorist Chain Has Ended

For a good number of people here in the United States and across the world, today marks a historic moment in mankind’s history as we collectively breathe a heavy sigh of relief.  An individual who has consistently terrorized innocent individuals and whole nations, committed mass murder, and waged a personal war in the name of a religion while polluting the tenants of that religion has died.  Osama bin Laden  and his tyranny has ended.

Barack Obama gave a presidential speech Sunday evening to announce that the al Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, had been killed by heavy fire at a mansion in Pakistan, near Islamabad.  Following the announcement, the internet began to go viral with commentaries on Bin Laden’s death.  People began gathering to celebrate.  Crowds gathered en masse in front of the White House to chant and sing, as well as in other cities.

It’s an odd occasion to celebrate a man’s death so joyfully, but when that particular man has created such heinous acts and his death means then end of his personal sphere of influence, then it tends to become understandable.  The proverbial head of the snake has been cut.  For my own part, I’m relieved.  I would have rathered he stood trial, but I believe many knew that in the end, that would never happen.

While we may yet have difficult trials ahead of us in the future, I believe this is one step closer to bringing a resolution to those of us in the U.S. and the rest of the world.

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