Of fics and arts and lack of cords

Yay! I have a-published! ^_^ I need to write more, ne ne? I miss writing in my journal… twas a hard pass year it twas. Ahwell, anyway, sitting on the floor currently with a dinosaur of a laptop writing in my journal. The ethernet cord won’t reach to the couch and I dun feel like sitting at the desk, I’m silly.

I plan on making a separate blog for my fictions. I work on things so randomly and then if I post them here I have to delve through hours of posts before finding it… ^^; Therefore, setting up a fic blog.

Blogger’s done a bunch of new changes. I don’t think I like the users panel much, cause I like to go straight to posting and I haven’t figured out yet if there’s an option to put it back on the main page for editing…. But everything else is pretty nice. I LOVE the fact they finally got around to having a “comments” option. I need to figure it out and add it to this blog, whoo!

Last night I wrote for a good near two hours. Felt good. I’ve been needing to get around to that. Devart’s made me a bit lazy cause it makes thumbnails and sets up the page for me, lol, and I’ve been neglecting my artsite, especially with all the new lovely arts needing to go up.

But a story I started yeeears ago and only wrote about a page back in August I’ve decided to write more on. Since I only have word pad on this laptop I don’t know how many pages it is, but it’s not too shabby. An entire chapter! *_* I even ended it as such, YAY! If it actually amounts to anything, and I finish it, and it’s GOOD… I might even publish it.. who knows? =whistles=

I’ll set up my fic blog and post a portion of the first chap. The beginning of the first chap is on the other computer. Ahwell. Anyway, I’m happy for it.

Also, I’ve been working more at Aku-Tenshi… look for new manga releases that I have edited, YAY! *_* Shinshi Doumei Cross and working on Kannade currently. And anything else they have me do.

And that’s about it for now… I need to make a post later, anyway, when I set up my fic blog. It’ll be mostly dry looking until I can get around to prettying eht! ^_~


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