New Directions – Re-purposing your Focus

Often we get lost in the myriad mess of information in our daily lives.  Starting out with one idea or intention often merges into another or grows wildly out of hand.  This is true whether it is a project, process, or direction in your life.  It’s a good practice to, when this occurs, stand back and re-assess.  Is your focus specific or general?  Have you gone off course and need to start over, or have you broadened your horizons and it’s time to branch off?

Whichever is true for you, I present the case of this blog, Dreaming in Shades, as an example for tackling a project gone awry! Continue reading “New Directions – Re-purposing your Focus”

Look Who’s Back, Ne?

So, folks, it has happened.  Tas-Tas is back online!  Been busy last two days doing ALL number of updates.

One important one was officially moving my journal from Blogger to WordPress.  After much deliberation, the notice that Blogger was discontinuing its ftp service made the decision for me.  It was quite a bit of a hassle getting it done.  I looked all over for a good tutorial/service on blogger-to-wordpress conversions, but most only stipulated that the blogger account needed to be hosted on blogspot.  In the end, I found this WONDERFUL tutorial, located here: , that made me realize it’d just be simplest to convert my ftp and personally hosted blogger journal to blogspot, and then convert through WordPress.  Painfully stupid, but seeing as how that service will be suspended, =shrugs=  there’s no reason to fuss over a one time deal.

Anyway, after all is said and done, you are now looking at the fresh install of Dreaming in Shades, WordPress hosted!  Lovely, isn’t it?  O_o;;;  I have to re-code my layout for WordPress, so it’ll be a few days before it’s back up.  For now, I’m enjoying the free WP layouts, lol!

I’ve also been having TONS of fun messing with the plugins/widgets/whatnots.  Setting it up for all sorts of time saving things for myself.  Expect to see just a few test posts in the future, but I’ll try and make sure they’re content worthy. ^_~

I hope to be more active shortly, but only after I’ve gotten most everything updated, lol!  Stay tuned, folks!

Now… time to go get some chow!