Poem: Beautiful Dapples

Beautiful dapples of brightly painted shades of light

Drifting down across the heavens to my lap

To spread it’s joy of brightness to the ever reaches of life

I breath, I am the happiness therein

The Samurai’s Wife by Laura Joh Rowland

I really like this book I am reading. I mean, I am totally rivited to it! It’s really hard for me to get into a mystery, but I really like this one! It’s called The Samurai’s Wife by Laura Joh Rowland. Mysteries are hard for me to read because I usually have already solved the case long before the end of the book. So I get bored and never finish reading them. But I honestly don’t have a clue as the the end of this one! I love it! ^_^

K-taro’s been down alot lately. I don’t mind, after all, I’m just a hostee. But it would be nice to update sometimes. =sigh= I still want my own domain. T_T

Heh, I thought of this a few minutes ago. It kinda flew past my mind while it was in mid-thought…O.O “We might as well, chat on IM, before they find a way to make us pay for that.” Sheesh, they way the world is now? They make us pay to get online. Well, that’s reasonable. Then we pay for server space. Again, reasonable because we’re taking up someone’s hardrive space. But to tax us for making purchases online when they already apply normal taxes? I mean, that’s double taxing! It’s ludicrous! =sigh= This world….

Whelps, that’s all for now. Gots to get back to making that spaghetti! ^_^ I love home-made cooking! *_*