Thought it was well past time for a new layout here at, and boy am I finally glad I bit the bullet and got it done, so to speak. Re-worked over a good portion of the site, links, and whatnots. Expect more changes in the future as well!

Clover Petals is, in a few words, an amalgamation of my sordid interests and intrigues with a few randoms thrown in for fun. This domain is home to collections of my own writing, art, graphics, journal, and so much more.

The site title obviously (well, not necessarily now...) is inspired by the series Clover, by CLAMP. However, I will not be adding a Clover site to CP as I'm stearing away from tons of fan-site/shrines and concentrating on refining what's already here.

Enjoy your stay! I hope you find something you do enjoy. This site is, as I will always say, as much for myself as it is for the public, therefore don't be too surprised if things are at my pace.

:: [ My Sites ]

Comics and Writings and Art:
Bits & Pieces --a fanart/original art site
Intentional Deviations-- My writings, fanfiction and original.
My Mirror Image--Tsuzuki! of course!
Symmea of Kyorh--My Manga site, still in the works...
Cafe Chibi--All chibis, all the time! (comic)

Shrines and Compendiums:
My Awakening--An Izark and Noriko Kanata Kara shrine. (temp. down)
Sailor Terra's Image Universe--General Sailor Moon site.
Shinigami Portrait--Tsuzuki shrine (Yami no Matsuei).
Whisper's of Love--Lover's shrine and dedication.

Asayake En--Free graphics, undergoing revamp. Should be open soon.
Butterfly Kisses--Scanslations.
Utterly Speechless--Scans. Updated as I can get to it.
Wallpapers--wallpapers of course!

My Character Shrines:
Gaia Avatar--Profiles, merchandise, and all sorts of goodies my avatar owns.
Sailor My SM character domain, old collective site.

Cliques and Cards:
Addicted Otaku--Addicted Clique Collective.
IR Blogs--A clique for International Relations freaks w/blogs.
Holy cards, it's a TCG!--My collection of TCG cards ^_^
Make a Wish!--Wish (CLAMP) sprite adoption!

Everything Else:
Lynchburg College Anime Society--Just what it says.
Senshi Fics--SM fanfiction.
Vault--past layouts. Near finished getting old layouts up...

:: [ Personal ]

Dreaming in Shades--Blog.
DIS Personal --Sub of blog.
Gentle Romance --List of stuff owned.

:: [ Group ]

Group Sites:
Arythmetic Wings--A group blog. (down)
Pulse--A message board/forum. (down)

:: [ Various ]

Gifts to me

A Revelation in the Dark
Butterfly Kisses
Hell's Poppet
On a Fence
Parallel Sailor Moon scanslations

Sites I Work/Have Worked On:
Moon Flower
Seion Boshi
Roses SM RPG
Sailor Moon Wish
Arythmetic Wings

:: [ Hostees ]

These are my only hostees. I will host no more. Why? Because I have major sites and am a major graphics freak-fanatic...and that takes up space. The only ones who will even be considered to be hosted here are those I either know personally or have been friends with for a very long time. The only eception is Izark because I was a mighty regular visitor of her site, and when nbci discontinued their services, I jumped the gun, e-mailed her and offered her a place on my site. I host her because I wanted to and because I invited her. Therefore, that is invite only. Thank you.

Izark: Everything for Kanata Kara
Fuu-chan: Midnight Moonshine
Kitana: Midnight Dreams -- it's my best friend! mwargh! ^_^
Trinity: Addiction
Diana: Digital Dreams
Jay: Jay
Kristen: Kristen's Journal & Various

:: [ About ]

The Site:
Firstly, Clover Petals is inspired by the manga series, Clover by CLAMP. If you don't know who CLAMP is, you should go find out! J/k. I'm not explaining who they are here, but I hope to have an explanation page up in the future as to who they are...along with all my other favorite mangaka! ^_^

I've been wanting my own domain as far back as 1996. 'Course, I didn't even have an allowance, let alone a job...and at the time, I was too young to get one, so poor wittle Tas-chan had no way of acheiving her goal. I say that I am one of the most patient people there is. I've waited all this time and finally, on November 3, 2001 I bought It's opening was a little rocky at first, but finally it was open.

And here we are! Domain in hand, whether you like it or not, I love it! But in any case, enjoy your stay. I hope I have something that interests you. And perhaps, you might even return. ^_~

The Layout:
This layout was constructed using Adobe Photoshop 7.0, notepad, Shoestring Dicer, and my madness. Font used was one I forgot. Images were scanned in by myself and the main Touda doujinshi image was found year ago... (If you know of who I should give credit to, please let me know.).

Layout is Yami no Matsuei inspired! YnM is one of my favorite series. It comes in a close tie to Tokyo Babylon/X. Images come from a doujinshi with the image of Touda on the cover. I don't know what doujinshi it is, nor do I know where the image came from... but it's been on my hard drive and finally screamed at me to use it. Here it is, and I hope you enjoy it! ^_^ The low-rez image was scaned in by myself and is from a doujinshi I own called Spring Sonnet.

:: [ Contact ]

There are a few ways of contacting me...

AIM: TasiaChiba
GUESTBOOK: Sign * View
BBS: Pulse

:: [ Credits ]

Credits go first to my family and then my friends for the inspiration and the incouragement they give me. Second, to all the mangaka and animators, artists and authors, poets, and leaders that brought their ideas into the world. For those who allow us to have freedom of creativity. For those who create. Thirdly, to all those who actually visited and still visit any of my sites. You make me feel special! ^_^

Site server formally: Site server currently: Cirtex

Yami no Matsuei © Matsushita Yoko and a doujinshi circle for all used images across the main domain site.

:: [ Linking ]

Dreaming in Shades:

Other Site Buttons:

:: [ Siblings ] ~ and a brother! ^_~
Dark Dream ~ my best friend! ~ The DI DI!
Kokuei ~ the wickedest wikki Jen!
Moonlight Legends Library
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:: [ Everything Else ]

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Clover and all edited graphics, original images, etc. are ©Tasia Chiba, 2001-2005. Yami no Matsuei and ideas ©Matsushita Yoko, not sure about the doujinshi circle.