Gifts to Me

I have been special enough to have received some delightful gifts from friends and others. The following are the gifts that I have received. ^_^

Christmas 2002:
Trin was being an absolute doll and made up this loverly Christmas image for me. ^_^ Fit with Tsuzuki perties ta boot! *_*

Jen was so loverly and sent out Christmas images she drew, and my stupid save didn't save the whole bloody image! However, Jen is a daaaarling and re-sent it to me! YAY!!! ^_^

For my birthday:
Diana is just the sweetest, yesh she is! I always send out b-day images to the PUSMS ML, but since it was my b-day, she decided to make one for ME this time! I feel just so absolutely special. And the bit about sake is a private joke! ^_~

This loverly gift is from Bonnie of the Sailor Moon Romance FanFiction ML. Thank you soooo much, Bonnie dear! You're too sweet! ^_^

Deathy-kun is a dear heart, and bored one evening, drew our mad, insane crew! From top, left to right, it's Jay (with the bat), Diana (with a Deathy-plushy *_*), Trin (middle), and ME! Being all "wai"-esh over a strawberry! *_* There's another image somewhere... just gotta uload it! ^_~