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WAI! This is my little whole in the ground, a site to list all things reguarding my little ava from Gaia Online. ^_^ mew! Also, note, if you clique on the "Gaia-Online" at the top of the page, it is linked to the Gaia Online main page.

A little site map to help illustrate the sections a bit further. ^_^

Profile: What it says! It's a more extensive version of my profile.

Awards: A listing of all awards I have recieved. If I ever decide to give out rewards, who has recieved one will be placed here.

Inventory: A listing of all things I currently own or would like to own.

Pets: My cute little pets that I have adopted on Gaia.

Costumes (Edits): Avatar edits made either by me or paid for on Gaia.

Friends: A listing of all my little friends on Gaia.

Forums: Forum threads/topics that I frequent quite often.

Misc: This is everything else that I didn't feel like setting up a special page for... at least at the moment! Such as fanart and siggies.

X: This is clear, as in go back to the main page.

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