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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Attempting to update. Have fixed broken links/images/and more. Will be updating with new layouts across the domain. A new layout for the domain portal itself is also in the works as soon as I can decide on how I want it to look.

Stay tuned for complete overhauls. Enjoy!

Monday, May 05, 2003

...include an update to all cliques at Addicted Otaku...
Okay, so I actually updated! WAI! Of course, I always update... I just don't always SAY that I have... ^^;;

New Caps for :: Vault
Opened :: Make a Wish a Wish sprite adoption
New Layouts for :: Kokuei
Projects :: Etcetera Fete a catch-all sitey
Updates :: Speechless a Hellsing scroll scan has been uploaded

umm... have new wallpapers and skins, just need to html their updates... ^^;;

Friday, March 14, 2003

There have been updates to Bits & Pieces, Addicted Otaku (BA), and Dreaming in Shades (my journal).

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Addicted Otaku updated with two new members (who I sorta should already have had up ^^; )

Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Good news, folks! It appears there's been an update! YAY! So here's the run-down:
New layouts for :: Collective, Bits and Pieces, and Dreaming in Shades
Updates to :: Addicted Otaku, Bits and Pieces, Asayake En, and A link.
Opened :: The gallery named Speechless is finally open, showcasing Kanata Kara.
Projects :: Butterfly Kisses will soon be open. Nezumi and I have but a few more details to take care of before it opens. The Sailor Terra shrine will soon be open, as well as a few surprise things in store.

There will be but a few more updates to the new layouts, and all will be done and ready. Oh, and yes, Asayake En IS officially open once more! Albeit lots of outdated graphics, there's still some good stuff to choose from. And I will be also placing my winamp skins there, of course! ^_~ Please, enjoy what's here, send feedback if you choose. This is Tas-chan with her major update mwarghing out.

Friday, January 10, 2003

Okies, if you're under the impression that the site never updates, well, that's all my fault. I tend to forget to post updates, lol! ^^;

Members have been added to the Addicted Otaku cliques, new layouts at Vault and Dreaming in Shades. Been working on making sprites for Wish. A Link is finally up, and yes there really are links, whoo! Speechless is almost up and ready. Pulse is ready, fweee! And many more things have been worked on offline. Such as my otaku senshi, Sailor Terra's site. Bits & Pieces is in the process of an update and there is new art there. I really need to make a new layout for it, and it's in the works. Holy Cards, It's a TCG! is a page to display my TCG cards. Utsukushiiaya has been updated with new wallpapers. Asayake En is still under re-vamp, but hopefully for not much longer. When it comes back it will also contain my poor winampskins available for download. Intentional Deviations has a few new fics and poems.

And yet again, there has also been quite a bit more taking place. Enjoy the updates. Trade a Forever Lover's card, Join a clique. Read a fic. Behave yourselves within the limits... but don't be afraid to go crazy, mwarghies! ^_~

Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Okies, fixed a few broken links and added two new sites. YAY! Now go enjoy ^_~
Fixed Addicted Otaku cliques.
Bit's & Pieces updated.

New site: My Mirror Image

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