25 June 2008
Hello! This is the owner of CloverPetals.com. I've not heard from Izark in a few years and I'm afraid I've had to do some cleaning with the old site. With the English liscense for Kanata Kara, sadly I've had to take down all the scanlated images and links. However, all regular manga scans will remain, so enjoy! Along with the changes on the site, I have decided to grace Everything For Kanata Kara with a new layout. Please enjoy everything this site has to offer of the WONDERFUL manga, Kanata Kara by Hikawa Kyoko!

P.S.: A great DEAL of changes had to be made and there are still many updates to be done. Please give me time to attend to them all. Thanks!

31 May 2003
This site has been up for fours years now. Thank you to Tasia Chiba who has kindly provided spaces for this site. Now you can reach the site using these URL :

What's new in this update? A LOT! I have tidied up each page so it won't take long to view it and I also put some new pictures, freshly taken from Lala. I have volume 11 and 12 scanlated plus new scanlation of volume 13 on spoiler section. Have fun with them. ^_^ A new section of manga Onna no Ko wa Yoyui is up, please take a look. Next update will cover the last volume of this manga.

For the xxx-th times! I AM NOT KYOKO HIKAWA!!! Please read the FAQ section before emailing me 

If she hasn't been the awakening and if I haven't been the demon she will awaken,
 how much I crave for her love
~ Izark Kia Tarj 

Izark is the main character in Kanata Kara (From Far Away). He is also known as Yike in Mandarin version. Kanata Kara is made by Kyoko Hikawa. The story tells about a girl named Noriko (known as Xiru in Mandarin) who was transported to a strange world by a bomb explosion. In that world, she met Izark, the man who wanted to kill her for his safety but turned to love her and protect her. Well, you should know that Izark is really really cool. I usually don't like guys with long hair, but Izark is an exception ^_^

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