Welcome to AE!

Here we are with a new, clean layout and completely over-hauled site. The site has officially been converted to WordPress, so commenting will now be possible, as well as a slew of other wonderful caveats. Wallpapers are still being hosted on a separate site within the domain but I will most likely be combining them here at some future point. Really old graphics have finally been archived and removed, but there's still plenty of good stuff to go around!

Hello Again and a First Post!

Hi!  This is the grand, re-opening of Asayake En.  I’ve done a full over-haul of the entire site, re-structured the site to wordpress, and implemented many, many features to be had.  Hope you all like the clean, fresh, new design!  There’s commenting available as well as share links, and some new graphics to boot.  Enjoy, lovvehs!