Ah, well, welcome! This is "Make a Wish" a Wish adoption site, and apparently the only one, as of what I know. Well, as most things go, I altered the image from game sprites, and if you would like to adopt one of these please email me with the info necessary. (You'll find that a little bit further down...) I had thought about making an adoption site for the sprites I made some time ago, but it wasn't until Xandra mentioned a friend of her's really loved the sprites and wondered if they were up for adoption that I finally said, heck, I'll go ahead and do it.

Currently there are only four sprites available at this time. I will get more as I can. Please enjoy them as you wish. ^_^

::Available Sprites::

Kohaku with angel wings:

Kouryuu with wings:


Kohaku with butterfly wings:

Chibi Kohaku:

Chibi Kouryuu:

Wikki :: Kokuei :: Chibi Kohaku & Chibi Kouryuu

::To Adopt::
Please send an email to the following location using the same format:

Email-to: titillyana@cloverpetals.com
Subject: Make a Wish Adoption
In the Email:
   Which sprite you decided to adopt:

Make a Wish is Tasia Chiba and is part of Clover Petals.com. The sprites were altered by me. Wish is CLAMP.