Intentional Deviations

The writing collections of one Tasia Chiba

Welcome! This is the opening of Intentional Deviations. They are exactly what the titles is, down to this layout. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer here. This site is as much for me as it is for you, perhaps even more so. These are my intentional deviants, treat them kindly, else there's a big pockey stick with your name on it, and no, not a treat you will enjoy! ^_~ I accept comments and critiques. You have some flaming reason to flame me, go right ahead. I have no problems taking you on. I'm in a weird mood tonight. Normally I'm not so violent, whoo hoo! Maybe I'm just in a protective mood of the loverly Tsuzuki-san who is gracing my layout. Anyway you look at it, I am done speaking for now. Now on with the fiction!

All art and writings unless otherwise noted, Intentional Deviations, and Clover © Tasia Chiba 2005.