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Welcome! This is Cafe Chibi, an online comic dedicated to those adorable chibis you love to molest, harrass, huggle, and luff!

Avatar : TasiaChiba
Sunday - March 18th, 2007
[TasiaChiba] - 18:11:29

Yah, so… I know… it\’s been forever and a day, ne? But finally, at least I\’ve updated! KUWAH! First off, we do have a colorful Chapter 1 page! ^_^ And then there\’s today\’s comic. Just an adorable short to start us off, after all… this IS the official opening of Cafe Chibi! ^_^ mew!

Chapter 1 : Beginning The was drawn by Becca-chan and colored by me. I also drew today\’s comic. ^_^ The next comic will be from B-chan, root her on! WAH!

Avatar : TasiaChiba
Sunday - March 18th, 2007
La di da
[TasiaChiba] - 18:11:48


Avatar : beccamew
Thursday - March 22nd, 2007
[beccamew] - 9:41:43


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