The Sites:
Bits & Pieces --Art Gallery
Intentional Deviations-- Writings: fanfiction and original.
True Reviews--Book & Comic reviews.
Ends of Fate--ABJD inspired stories and photos
Portfolio Check me out!
Asayake En--Free graphics, undergoing revamp, but OPEN.
Utsukushiiaya--Wallpapers (Will be merging with Asayake En.)
Pulse--A message board/forum.
The Keelhaul Tavern--A PuzzlePirates message board/forum.
Cafe Chibi--All chibis, all the time! (comic)
Untitled, Mystery Comic -- On the way!

Dreaming in Shades-- My Blog.
My Mirror Image--Tsuzuki! of course!
Smurff's Sundae--Family Album.

Shrines & Compendiums:
Shinigami Portrait--Tsuzuki Shrine (Yami no Matsuei).
Sleepy Eyed Shinobi--Hatake Kakashi Shrine.
Symmea of Kyorh--Original Character Site
Gaia Avatar--My Gaia Avatar Shrine/Archive
Escape the Norm: High Class Workers--Gohou Drug Shrine
Black Sheep--Earthian: Chiaru Shrine
Everything for Kanata Kara-- Kanata Kara site and shrine

Interactive Fun:
Addicted Otaku--Addicted Clique Collective.
Make a Wish!--Wish (CLAMP) sprite adoption!
Lisadrath--RPG story & concepts

Archived Sites: (This means static/complete/permanent hiatus, but still available.)
Sailor Terra's Image Universe--General Sailor Moon site. (My 1st site ever!)
Senshi Fics--SM fanfiction.
Sailor Terra--SM Otaku Senshi shrine.