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Domain Particulars/Tid-bits:
Vault--Past Layouts Portfolio.
Gifts to me!
Gift Art

Closed & Retired Sites: -- Sites that once belonged to this domain, but are no longer. (Gone, but not forgotten)
Arythmetic Wings --Group Blog
DIS Personal --Personal Site, originally part of DiS.
Gentle Romance --Catalogue of Items
Utterly Speechless--Scans Gallery
Sailor My SM character domain, old collective site.
Butterfly Kisses
Lynchburg College Anime Society
Holy cards, it's a TCG! --TCG Cards Collected
IR Blogs --A Clique for International Relations Lovers w/blogs.
Whisper's of Love --A Lover's Shrine
My Awakening - Mezame --An Izark and Noriko Kanata Kara shrine. (Merged with Everything for Kanata Kara.)
Etcetera Fete --Extras
FYMD --Small design site
Hell's Poppet --Professor Souichi Tomoe Shrine (Sailor Moon)
A Revelation in the Dark --Big O shrine
On a Fence --Anime & Manga links repository