The Site:
Firstly, Clover Petals is inspired by the manga series, Clover by CLAMP. If you don't know who CLAMP is, you should go find out! J/k. I'm not explaining who they are here, but I hope to have an explanation page up in the future as to who they are...along with all my other favorite mangaka! ^_^

I've been wanting my own domain as far back as 1996. 'Course, I didn't even have an allowance, let alone a job...and at the time, I was too young to get one, so poor wittle Tas-chan had no way of acheiving her goal. I say that I am one of the most patient people there is. I've waited all this time and finally, on November 3, 2001 I bought http://www.cloverpetals.com/. It's opening was a little rocky at first, but finally it was open.

And here we are! Domain in hand, whether you like it or not, I love it! But in any case, enjoy your stay. I hope I have something that interests you. And perhaps, you might even return. ^_~

The Layout:
This layout was constructed using Adobe Photoshop CS 3, PSPad, and my madness. Font used was one I forgot. Images used were from SXC.hu or created by myself.

This is CP.com's first NON-anime/manga-esque layout and I am mightly pleased with it!


Credits go first to my family and then my friends for the inspiration and the incouragement they give me. Second, to all the mangaka and animators, artists and authors, poets, and leaders that brought their ideas into the world. For those who allow us to have freedom of creativity. For those who create. Thirdly, to all those who actually visited and still visit any of my sites. You make me feel special! ^_^

Site server formally: Endore.com
Site server currently: Cirtex Hosting.com

Images used are curtesy royalty free stock found at SXC.hu or graphics I personally made myself.