These are my only hostees. I will host no more. Why? Because I have major sites and am a major graphics freak-fanatic...and that takes up space. The only ones who will even be considered to be hosted here are those I either know personally or have been friends with for a very long time. The only eception is Izark because I was a mighty regular visitor of her site, and when nbci discontinued their services, I jumped the gun, e-mailed her and offered her a place on my site. I host her because I wanted to and because I invited her. Therefore, that is invite only. Thank you.

Izark: Everything for Kanata Kara
Fuu-chan: Midnight Moonshine
Kitana: Midnight Dreams -- it's my best friend! mwargh! ^_^
Trinity: Addiction
Diana: Digital Dreams
Jay: Jay
Kristen: Kristen's Journal & Various
Shaalana Rea: Shaalana Rea's Domain
PrincessKitteh Rayne: Kitteh Bonez
Katarera: Katarera's Domain
Miro: Miro's Domain