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>> The Gravitation Addiction

Just what causes this addiction that fans have for Gravitation? Surely there are other awesome anime out there to enjoy, so why Gravi? Is it the bishounen? The music? The plot? Below are some possible reasons, listed as they come to mind.

#1) Choke-full of Bishounen
Ok, so the majority of Gravi fans are fangirls. Who could blame us? XD This series's got Bishounen, Bishounen, Bishounen and then some. If you like the older kinds, there's Yuki and Tohma, if you favor the younger and genki kinds, there's Ryuichi and Shuichi. If you like the 'normal' and mature kinds, there's Hiro and Suguru, and if you like those off-limit, blackmailing, weapon shooting, English outburst kinds, there's always....K! There's something for everyone there. XD

#2) Hilariously Funny
There is absolutely no possible way anyone can sit through Gravitation and not laugh a single time or crack a smile. This series is utterly *hilarious.* Shuichi is one genki and adorable 18 year old who never fails to make me laugh. He's got ridiculous tactics of cheering Yuki up or going to find Yuki. Ryuichi's faces are so adorable, Sakano's too unstable in his human form and has to turn into a tornedo, melt to water, slam into the wall or drown himself in tears whenever he panics. Then there's K, with is random outbursts in English, constant threat of weapons and funny faces that'll have you falling out of your chair every 5 minutes.

#3) Seiyuu Stardom
I have yet to see another anime with so much star power in it. I mean, Okiayu Ryoutarou (Treize in GW, Brad Crawford in WK), Matsumoto Yasunori (Gourry in Slayers), Koyasu Takehito (Touga in Utena, Zechs in GW, Hotohori in FY), Yamaguchi Kappei (Inuyasha in Inuyasha, Shesta in Esca), Orikasa Ai (Quatre in GW, Kanae in Utena), and then there's Seki Tomokazu! (Touya in CCS, Van in Esca, Kamui in X, Alexander Howell in AyC, Ken in WK, Chichiri in FY, Touji in NGE) XD It's dayam...o.o With that much star power in one series, it's hard not to like it. XD I love Seki and I love Orikasa and Koyasu, although Koyasu is almost unrecognizable as Sakano.

#4) Music Maniac
Ok, if there's one thing Gravi has that other anime doesn't have, it's killer music. In the OAVs, there are constantly different songs playing, they threw in 4 or 5 songs just in the short OAVs. The anime's got more great songs, ranging from Super Drive to Glaring Dream. Fantastic *_* Kotani Kinya is an awesome singer. XDD The songs are catchy, energetic, and brilliantly composed. More of my opinions on Gravi Music can be found in the other article, Gravitation Music.

#5) Shounen ai
A major theme in Gravitation is Shounen-ai. After all, Shuichi's pursuing Yuki, Hiro was in love with Shuichi, Tohma's shows affection towards Yuki (although that's debatable), etc. There are only 3 girls in this anime, so shounen-ai's almost inevitable. Yuki and Shu's love is very sweet and adorable, and they don't do much else other than kiss. There's not much yaoi in the anime, but there are delicious doujinshi remixes out there for those of you who like to wish and fantasize. XD

#6) Gorgeous Artwork
Yes, when I debate on which anime to watch, almost half of it depends on the artwork. Gravi's artwork is gorgeous, they're all very well drawn and they've all got great wardrobes (except maybe Sakano). The art never gets dull or boring, unlike some series that last for 80+ episodes. The characters are not skinny as stick figures, or wear the same clothes throughout the show. The animation's also tastefully done, and the manga and doujinshi are also exceptionally well done.


Gravitation was created by Maki Murakami. All edited graphics and content © by Trinity, usage of any edited graphics and/or content on this site without permission from the owner or a copyright note is illegal and will be fined. DtD is part of AinoyumeNET and the Shounen-ai orG.