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>> Gravitation Music

Ok, I admit it, a large part of my Gravitation obsession comes from the music of the series. Gravitation is the first and only series that I've seen to contain this much music in it, and it's the first series in which I adore every single song. From the beginning theme, Super Drive, to the ending theme, Glaring Dream, and every song in between are all wonderful songs. Super Drive has the bouncy and energetic beat to it, and you just can't help but sing along or dance along with it. XD The ending theme, Glaring Dream, is a slow but gorgeous song with equally gorgeous and brilliantly composed lyrics. Other songs such as Sleepless Beauty and Shining Collection, can fall into the category of Digital Rock. The Rage Beat gives an awesome rhythm and beat as well as nice background mixers. (Suguru's synthesizers sure spice up the song XD) Blind Game Again and Spicy Marmalade are also very upbeat, and Yuutsu Na Seven Days is such an energetic song, played while Shu-chan and Yuki are on their date. While In the Moonlight and Smashing Blue are a bit slower, they're still great songs, especially In the Moonlight, which is just gorgeous. *_* You really can't go through Gravitation and not like a single song. There are just too many songs to pick from and they're all awesome.

Now when I say music, I don't just mean songs. The background music also plays an important part in any series. Let me just say that I absolutely *love* the background music of Gravitation. Many people don't usually take notice of the background music while watching any series, but they really put you in the mood for the current situation. For example, I love the background music in Episode 10, when Shuichi is running away from Ryuichi, or when Yuki is driving his car and later crashes it in Episode 6. There's also the music playing when Ayaka comes to Hiro's place asking for him to return to Bad Luck in Episode 10. Even the Tokyo Bay Music Festival clip airing during the commercials promoting the Festival has a good beat and is nice to listen to.^_^

There are also bands and singers that are basically heard only in this series. Kotani Kinya sings most of Bad Luck's songs as well as most Gravitation songs. He's only heard in the Gravitation series, and other than that, he's got one album out called HISTORY P-20. Sleepless Beauty and Shining Collection are sung by The Seeker and Iceman, respectively. Some singers/groups can be a bit confusing, The Seeker, Iceman, and Mad Soldiers are all listed in the credits. On top of that, the singers all have initials for names. -.- The Seeker is composed of D.K. and K.Ito. Iceman used to be composed of Asakura Daisuke (D.A), Koroda Michihiro, and K.Ito. After Koroda Michihiro left, Iceman is now just D.A. and K.Ito. D.A. and K.Ito are also known as the Mad Soldiers, formed before Iceman split. @.@ Iceman have been stable ever since Koroda Michihiro left, so they haven't produce any songs together lately, unless you count Gravitation. I suggest you purchase the Gravitation soundtrack for these amazing songs, they are a neccessity to every Gravi fan. :D


Gravitation was created by Maki Murakami. All edited graphics and content © by Trinity, usage of any edited graphics and/or content on this site without permission from the owner or a copyright note is illegal and will be fined. DtD is part of AinoyumeNET and the Shounen-ai orG.