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>> Tohma x Yuki?

Tohma and Yuki's relationship is quite debatable among fans. Even though Shuichi x Yuki is probably the most popular pairing in fanfics, many like to interpret Tohma's "fondness" of Yuki as some kind of romantic love. So does Tohma really have romantic feelings towards Yuki? Or is he just a protective guardian? The depends. This is one aspect of the story that the creators left for us fans to decide. But let's look at the evidence given in the series and you can decide for youself.

One can definitely say that Tohma is very protective of Yuki. After all, he partly blames himself for what happened to Yuki when they were young. Tohma was probably Yuki's first friend, since he brought Yuki to New York and got him a tutor. Tohma basically ran Yuki's childhood and then assured Yuki's innocence for killing his attackers. Although in the anime, Tohma isn't seen in a scene with Yuki until episode 8, the rest of the episodes give you a good sense that they've been good friends for a long time. When Yuki's sickness started evolving, Tohma was there much more frequently, and even went out of his way to seek revenge. Putting it blatantly, one would not shove another into the middle of the road and traumatize him just to warn him about laying his hands on Yuki. XD Tohma specifically told Tachi that Yuki is the most important person in the world to him. That alone means something...Even though Tohma is married and is expecting children, his ability to say that out loud signifies that his relationship with Yuki is not simple and straightforward.

Also, when Yuki's illness started to worsen, Tohma is willing to separate Shuichi and Yuki because he thought the cause of Yuki's illness is because of Shuichi. Tohma knows how important Shuichi is to him, and how Shu-chan can make huge profits for his company, but he's willing to throw that away if needed. This is a rather big decision, and Tohma's able to make it quite easily. Tohma's confrontation with Shuichi is also very blunt. He told Shu-chan exactly how he felt, how he thought Shuichi is to blame for Yuki's illness and disappearance. Tohma's tone was firm, threatening and final. Even as Tohma prepared to leave the country to find Yuki, he tells Mika that there's nothing more important to him than Yuki right then. Once again, he's risking the success of his company for Yuki. <.< In the manga, there's a bit more evidence concerning Tohma's feelings toward Yuki. He even sees Shuichi as a rival of Yuki's affection.^-^ There's plenty of evidence in the series that suggests that Tohma's in love with Yuki, but whether that is truely so solely depends on how the viewer interprets it.


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