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>> Another Gravi Season?

Good question. Do Gravi fans wish for more Gravitation? Well sure, the answer's easy and obvious. Of course we do! Who doesn't want to see more kawaii Shuichi and Ryuichi, laugh at their actions and funny sayings, or stare at Tohma and Yuki while drooling puddles on floors, or listen to more awesome Gravi songs by Nittle Grasper and Bad Luck? 13 episodes is just simply not enough...

Then again, look at the other side of the story. Gravitation is about Shuichi struggling to reach the top charts and becoming the next most popular legendary band while pursuing Yuki in a seemingly hopeless situation. Shu-chan's done all of that by the end of the 13 episodes, both of his goals are reached: Popular band and Yuki's love. Tachi's given up trying to sabotage Shuichi and Yuki. Sure, they can go on and still be funny, with Shuichi encountering different adventures, meeting new people/rival bands and such. But there's also the possibility that Gravi won't be as funny as before. Shuichi doesn't have to go crazy pursuing Yuki, Yuki's past is no longer torturing him as badly, so we won't hear Shuichi sound like an idiot while attempting to cheer up Yuki. The second season also comes with a higher viewer expectancy. Fans want to see a equally good or better season, and that's harder to do now that problems have been solved. There are some series in which the later seasons were not nearly as good as the first few. I've met Sailormoon fans who only adore the first two seasons, and quite frankly, I highly doubt that all the Dragonball seasons are needed. There are tons of filler episodes in a long anime series, and they can turn viewers off.

So, there are again, two sides to this story. Don't get me wrong, I'd love another Gravi season as long as it's just as good as the first one. But there's always the possibility of filler/useless episodes, deteriorating artwork and plot. It all depends, better safe than sorry or risk it? XD


Gravitation was created by Maki Murakami. All edited graphics and content © by Trinity, usage of any edited graphics and/or content on this site without permission from the owner or a copyright note is illegal and will be fined. DtD is part of AinoyumeNET and the Shounen-ai orG.