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Welcome! xD Glad you could make it to Addiction, a rather large image gallery featuring only Gravitation images. Here you can find screenshots, OAV images, anime and manga images, TV animation artbook images and much more. To begin, please read the rules if you haven't already, and use the drop down menu at the bottom to navigate.

I sincerely hope you find the new look of Addiction easier to navigate in and taking less time to load. This version features frames as well as php, for my convenience as well as yours. The image gallery should be functional on IE, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera, and in most resolutions. If you happen to find any broken links or thumbnails leading to the wrong image, please me asap. As always, contributions will be gladly accepted, and credits will go respectively. Thanks and enjoy.
Current image count: 3,409 (excluding B&W Vol. 1-3)

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