Finally! Addicted Otaku is completely complete! Well, as far as this gal invisioned! ^_~ The original idea behind Addicted Otaku was to set up a collection of cliques to express various addictions in reference to any manga, video game, or anime that one might totally be addicted to. I came across the idea when, after my own total addiction dictated, I joked about there being an Anime-Holics Anonymous. (Sometimes I think there really SHOULD be one... ^_^;; ) The idea was too good to let go, and as I did not see any sites already in place that utilized the idea at the time that I thought of it, I decided up creating a clique for all addicted otaku out there! ^_^ As creation of the site continued, I realized that there would be a few other clilque ideas that would suit the genre of "addicted otaku" quite well. So the idea increased, growing to include a Bishounen-holics and a Manga-holics Anonymous. About a year later, I was inspired to add the Yaoi-holics Anonymous clique to the family of cliques, completing all addicted cliques I was inspired to create.

But creativity can never be completed. And so, I would like to propose: If you have an addicted clique that would fit right in with the idea of an "addicted otaku" and you would like to become part of the family collective, please let me know. Your site will be included with the other main cliques as an equal.

And here's the official announcement, Yaoi-holics Anon. is finally open! ^_~
Thanks goes to my good friend Jay for the loverly layout he made! ^_^ Kudos to you, Jay!!! Mwarghies! ^_^

I will be e-mailing all past members of the cliques to announce updates and change of addy as soon as I can. I'm a busy college girl, ya know! ^_~

That's all for now. How do you all like the new layout? Shinji expressively! ^_~ mwarghies!